Launched in 2004, Foxfire has grown into a powerhouse of creativity and strategy. We take a multi-disciplined approach to strategic communication, bringing a formidable digital skillset and adventurous thinking to our clients’ challenges.

Our team includes designers, developers, writers, producers, social media strategists and consultants. We deliver super-rich experiences that meet our clients’ objectives, whether that’s through traditional or digital media channels.

From the start we’ve worked at the bleeding edge of digital media, design innovation and social engagement in that sweet spot where people find delight in an idea that’s relevant to them.

We don’t think of ourselves as a business-to-business agency, or consumer agency: we are a business-to-people agency.

We work this way because we know the most powerful secret of successful communications is to deliver unique memorable and exciting brand experiences for real people living busy lives. And this is also the secret to our success too, we are a team of real-life people who love what we do.